(The Star) 2,100 co-op members pledge to cast vote

23 January 2007
RAUB: The 2,113 members from seven co-operatives in Batu Talam have pledged to vote in Sunday’s by-election, said Entrepreneurial and Co-operative Development Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin.

He said he was confident they would make the right choice.
Khaled added that all co-operatives in the country had plans to develop their organisations in line with the Government’s aspirations to churn out more entrepreneurs.
“There must be a strong rapport between the Government and the co-operatives to ensure all plans and activities are carried out smoothly.
“It is up to the members to decide whether they want a straight or crooked bridge.
“But I am confident they would use the by-election and give us a signal,” he said after meeting the members at Gugusan Felda Tersang near here yesterday.
Khaled said a Barisan representative would ensure that all plans by the co-operatives proceeded without any problem.
He said members who had taken up loans with Mara, Tekun and the Co-operative Development Department and lost everything in the floods would not have to
pay back their loans.
“We will give them a new loan to start all over again,” he said.