Day: September 15, 2007

(Malaysiakini) Gov't could have averted 'bloody' riot

Soon Li Tsin Sep 14, 07 — The violence which rocked Kuala Terengganu over the weekend could have been avoided if the government adhered to the recommendations of regulating peaceful assemblies, said a former human rights commissioner.

(Malaysiakini) Eyewitness: 'Cop fired on the run'

Bede Hong Sep 14, 07 An eyewitness to Saturday’s shooting incident in Kuala Terengganu offered a different version of what had transpired, which contradicted what the police had stated. According to Osman Ismail (left), the policeman did not discharge his firearm while lying on the

PKR demands NST corrects 'defamatory' story

13 September 2007 PKR has given the New Straits Times 48 hours to publish the opposition’s statement or they would pursue legal proceedings over an allegedly defamatory article published by the English daily.