Press release: KeADILan Dissapointed over Suhakam's Decision

Press Statement
10 October 2007

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
KeADILan is terribly disappointed with Suhakam’s decision not to have a public inquiry into the Batu Burok shootings. Two unarmed people were viciously shot in cold blood in Terengganu. The mysteries surrounding these shootings are highly suspicious and badly require investigation.

The police cannot even agree on the number of shots fired and which policeman fired them. This is shocking as the police usually keep meticulous records of everything, especially the discharge of firearms.
Such discharges can usually be immediately verified simply by inspecting the weapons issued to each policeman.
Furthermore, very serious and well founded allegations have been made suggesting that the entire incident was pre-planned and politically motivated.
Under such circumstances, how can Suhakam possibly fail to see the need for a public inquiry to make public the truth surrounding this case?
An investigation shrouded in shadows is no good only a full public inquiry will do.
If the police and the government are as innocent as they claim, they must surely support a fully transparent public inquiry to clear their reputation and good name.
After their failure to establish a Royal Commission into the Chief Justice video scandal, this decision casts serious doubts as to the ability and will on the part of the authorities to investigate anything that truly threatens the safety and integrity of Malaysia and Malaysians.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim
Secretary General
People’s Justice Party