EC ready to conduct polls by end-November

Malaysiakini, Oct 29, 07
We are ready to conduct the next general elction by the end of November, Election Commission (EC) chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman declared today.

“We have identified the returning officers, and the briefing for these officers and their assistants will begin on Nov 15,” he said, according to Bernama.
The despatch to every state of election materials, including the indelible ink to be used on voters for the first time, was going on and the process was expected to be completed by the end of next month.
Abdul Rashid said he met Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last month and informed him that the EC would be ready by November to conduct the next general election, which is not due until March 2009.
He also said that the EC would come out with guidelines soon on election posters, which will do away with the poster war and ensure that candidates do not have to fight for space to put up their posters.
He said the guidelines would also cover party flags and all election campaign material, and that the EC would hold sessions to explain the guidelines to political parties.
Asked about opposition parties predicting that the next general election would be held next month or in December, Abdul Rashid said their statements could be based on the EC’s preparations which were almost complete.
On the more than 22,000 voters whose names were not in the database of the National Registration Department (JPN), he said more than 6,000 had been identified by the JPN, and the EC was looking for the remaining 16,000 nationwide.
“We will continue with our search, but only in the country. I’m giving the secretariat about two months and I think once the period is over we will decide what to do,” the EC chief added.