Let’s paint the country yellow!

Press Statement
1 November 2007

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) announces a 10-day “Yellow Wave” movement from 1-10 November (culminating in the People’s Gathering at Dataran Merdeka on 10 November), and encourages BERSIH supporters and advocates of democracy to wear yellow (such as clothing, armband, headband or ribbon) to demonstrate their protest against the thin veneer of democracy that exists in Malaysia.

The wearing of BERSIH’s designated protest colour of yellow will demonstrate solidarity with our demands for electoral reform, which is supported by 67 organisations comprising civil society groups, non-governmental organizations and political parties.
Based on the principles of cooperation and understanding, BERSIH is helmed by a Steering Committee consisting of members from the political parties and NGOs.
BERSIH welcomes support and endorsement from all organizations, regardless of their political inclinations. However, not a single government or pro-establishment organization has approached BERSIH to lend its support to our campaign for a more democratic Malaysia through clean and fair elections.

Leaflet and Yellow Ribbon Distribution Campaign




3 Nov

3:00 pm

Masjid India

4 Nov

2:00 pm

Lot 10, Bukit Bintang

5 Nov

4:30 pm

KL Sentral

6 Nov

5:00 pm

Universiti LRT Station

7 Nov

5:00 pm

Petaling Street

BERSIH Roadshow in Selangor

Date & Time



5 Nov, 8:30 pm

Padang Permainan Jln 4/4,

Bandar Baru Selayang, Fasa 2B,

Sg Tua, Batu Caves

Mohd Sabu

Ronnie Liu

Tian Chua

Syed Shahir (MTUC)

6 Nov, 8:30 pm

Paya Jaras

(actual venue to be confirmed)

Dato’ Hassan Ali

Ronnie Liu

Sivarasa Rasiah

* more to be confirmed

7 Nov, 8:30 pm

Rumah Hj Supeni b Kadir

Lot 3325 Jln Masjid, Tbk Mufrad,

Sg Air Tawar, Sabak Bernam

Haji Mohd Sabu

YB Ng Suee Lim

Tian Chua

Syed Shahir

* more to be confirmed

Latest BERSIH Endorsees
BERSIH would like to extend a warm welcome to the following NGOs:

1.    Movement for Democracy and Anti Corruption (GERAK)
2.    Police Watch Malaysia
3.    Citizen Think Tank

International Solidarity

BERSIH has received news that civil society groups and Malaysians overseas will demonstrate their solidarity with the People’s Gathering and intend to hold peaceful protests outside the Malaysian High Commissioners and Embassies in the following countries:
1.    Seoul, South Korea
2.    Jakarta, Indonesia
3.    London, United Kingdom
4.    New York, U.S.A.
5.    Bangkok, Thailand
Peaceful protests are being considered in the following countries:
•    Ghana
•    Philippines
•    Singapore
•    Australia
•    Japan
•    Brazil
•    Saudi Arabia
BERSIH is heartened by the support it has received so far and is optimistic that the People’s Gathering on 10 November will be able to attract Malaysians from all walks of life and ideologies who are committed to realising a more democratic Malaysia.