BERSIH press conference in Parliament Lobby (5 Nov)

Press statement by YB Teresa Kok, DAP MP for Seputeh on Monday, 5 November 2007, at Parliament Lobby:

1. BERSIH slams hackers
Sometime between 11:00am and 12.30pm on Sunday (4 Nov), visitors to the BERSIH website ( were greeted by a message (on a yellow background) that read:
Perhimpunan terpaksa di tunda ke tarikh yang belum ditetapkan

BERSIH would like to reiterate that the People’s Gathering has not been postponed. The site is back to normal now.
We slam the hackers for this deplorable act and urge Malaysians to be aware that various parties are attempting to use under-handed tactics to derail the 10 November event.
BERSIH will definitely proceed with the Peaceful People’s Gathering to press for electoral reform and a more democratic Malaysia.
BERSIH will try its best to ensure that the event would be a Carnival of People Power.
2. Citizen Journalists
BERSIH urges all concerned Malaysians to come forward and be counted on 10 November.
Apart from participating in the People’s Gathering, we would like all participants to play the role of citizen journalists on that particular day by using their handphone cameras or digital cameras to capture images of the event.
We believe that an active citizenry would make Malaysia more vibrant and progressive, and with the cooperation of participants turning up with cameras, we can collectively ensure the peaceful order of the event and prevent any untoward incidents.

3. Mandarin Forum

BERSIH is co-organising a Mandarin forum with Civil Rights Committee of Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.
Date: Thursday, 8 November 2007
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Invited Speakers (to be confirmed):
Cikgu Loot Ting Yee – Lim Lian Geok Foundation Chairman
Dato’ Toh Kin Won – Social Scientist
Wong Chin Huat – Social Scientist
Lim Guan Eng – DAP Secretary-General
Tian Chua – Parti Keadilan Rakyat Information Chief