A Solidarity Letter supporting the call for a Free and Fair Elections in Malaysia

Submitted to the Malaysian Government through its Embassy in Seoul, South Korea
10 November 2007

After fifty years of independence, the Malaysian peoples still demand for a conduct of free and fair elections as expressed by the Chairman of the Elections Commission after the 2004 General Election.

The conduct of a free and fair election is an essential step towards ensuring that democracy in Malaysia is working.  If this is not assured to the citizens of Malaysia; the credibility and integrity of the entire political system will be always put into question notwithstanding questioning the respect for the rule of law itself.
Experiences in other Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan should serve as a living example of how bad it can put their country in a precarious position.  Political instability dominates the daily scenes in these countries and economic development agenda and reforms are always on the sideline.
Malaysian government should lead the way to real democratic processes rather than use its power and resources in halting the desire of the Malaysian peoples to live freely and play their active role for real progress that trickles down to the lives of ordinary people – the electorate!
We do not need to prescribe here how the Malaysia government should conduct a free and fair election, any governments for that matter, knows what it takes to do it. However we would like to support the demand of BERSIH as basic and concrete steps are essential to assure the people that they are casting their votes with the full knowledge that all safeguards for their votes are in place before the election is held.
On this premise; we strongly urge the Malaysian government that it will diligently observe fundamentals of conducting a democratic election as demanded by its people.
This statement by the undersigned international students from different countries in Asia is a sincere call for the Malaysian government that will benefit not only the Malaysian people but as well as the whole region. We have seen and experience it in our own countries and unfortunately experiencing still undemocratic processes that continue to make the people in this region suffer.  We want to see democracy working in our region and we are willing to be part of any efforts to make it work, but first things first.
Conduct a clean and fair election in Malaysia now!
Banajit Hussain (India)
Jang Ik-Su (Korea)
Jessica Umanos Soto (Philippines)
Mafuja Akhtar (Bangladesh),
Mandkhaitsetsen Urantulkhuur (Mongolia)
Mohammed Or Rashid Mamun (Bangladesh)
Na Hyo-Woo (Korea)
Nay Tun Naing (Burma)
Nilani Manthrinayake (SriLanka)
Nur Kholis (Indonesia)
Pinpaka Ngamsom (Thailand)