Malaysia police turn water cannon on protesters (Gulfnews)

Nov 10, 2007 
Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian police used water cannon and fired tear gas shells on Saturday to disperse crowds gathering for a banned anti-government rally.

Hundreds of policemen armed with shields and batons guarded Kuala Lumpur’s Merdeka (Freedom) Square, where thousands of people had planned to gather in one of Malaysia’s biggest anti-government rallies since 1998.
“Police sprayed water cannons twice to disperse a crowd of about 500 protesters chanting slogans,” a witness said. At least a dozen protesters were detained.
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he was happy with the turnout. “It is a good signal that Malaysians want freedom and democracy and want free and fair elections,” he said.
The government condemned the protest and police refused to issue a permit for the rally.
“We want a fair and free election,” said Mohamadiah Sohod, a protester. “The rules now are unjust and in favour of the ruling party.”