Day: November 11, 2007

Rally defies police ban to demand poll reforms

Anil Netto (IPS) – Tens of thousands of people defied riot police, water cannon and pouring rain to march through the capital city, on Saturday, to demand electoral and other reforms and deliver a strong rebuff to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

Malaysia police break up protest

By Robin Brant BBC News, Kuala Lumpur 10 November 2007 Malaysian police have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse thousands of protesters who were marching in Kuala Lumpur to demand electoral reform.

SUARAM update on arrests

Sunday, 11 November 2007 Total number of arrests 34 – all released by 11pm; several more injured When the final 10 of those arrested were released by the police at approximately 11pm last night (10 November 2007), the total count of arrests during the BERSIH

'We come in peace, we leave in peace'

Malaysiakini team Nov 10, 07 Several protesters from the 40,000-strong crowd tell Malaysiakini why they took part in the rally despite dire warnings of a crackdown from the authorities. Below are their comments: Harleena Kaur, lawyer observing for the Bar Council The government should take

Organisers hail banned rally a success

Fauwaz Abdul Aziz (mkini) Nov 10, 07 Despite attempts to spook the public from participating in the Bersih rally, 40,000 people turned up today in the largest show of force since the reformasi protests a decade ago.

Malaysians rally for electoral reform (Press TV Iran)

Sat, 10 Nov 2007 Hundreds of Malaysian activists have rallied, demanding electoral reforms in the biggest anti-government street protest in nearly 10 years.