SUARAM update on arrests

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Total number of arrests 34 – all released by 11pm; several more injured

When the final 10 of those arrested were released by the police at approximately 11pm last night (10 November 2007), the total count of arrests during the BERSIH rally was 34.

In SUARAM’s previous update at 9pm, 10 November 2007, there was a list of 24 names of those who were released and 5 who were still held. In addition to that list, SUARAM obtained names of 5 more individuals, who were still being held at that time.
Those who were released by the police before 9pm:
1. Salleh Puteh
2. Muhammad Haji Yaakub
3. Mariel Fong
4. Hasnah Hashim
5. Mohd. Asri Ahmad
6. Mohd. Farouk Hussin
7. Daud Samad
8. Raja Salim @ Raja Daud Raja Abdullah
9. Khairul Anuar Safsie
10. Khairul Amirin Safsie
11. Ahmad Asmadi Adnan
12. Haji Hamid Baharuddin
13. Rawandi Repini
14. Sufian Manas
15. Haji Sulaiman Ahmad
16. Mohd. Harif Fathilah
17. Azhar Yusuf
18. Zamrol Majid
19. Shaharul Anuar Abdul Ghani
20. Mohd. Abdul Rahman Ariffin
21. Mohd. Salim Yesman
22. Abdul Rahman Mat Lodin
23. Khairul Salleh Ahmad
24. Nazrullah Ahmad
Those who were released at approximately 11pm:
25. Taib Abdullah
26. Ishak Othman
27. Mohd. Shafie Ismail
28. Mohd. Nazrin Nasir
29. Abisalam
30. Abdullah Ariffin*
31. Yahya Mohd. Nor*
32. Mohd. Rifiu*
33. Nawi Abdullah*
34. Fauzi Awang*
* Names obtained by SUARAM after 9pm, therefore was not in the previous update.
In addition to the arrests there were also individuals reported to be injured and sent to hospital. One individual, identified as Aleyasak Hamid, suffered from a broken leg and was sent to the General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur (Hospital Kuala Lumpur).
For more information, please contact Yap Swee Seng (012-2015272) or Tah Moon Hui (012-7209981).