Leave us in peace, say Batu Buruk residents

13 November, 2007

KUALA TERENGGANU: Batu Buruk residents do not want a repeat of the Sept 8 incident which disrupted their lives. They have submitted a memorandum to state police chief SAC (I) Datuk Ayub Yaakub asking him to reject Bersih’s permit application to hold a rally there.

A spokesman for the residents, Mohd Nor Ashari, said they did not wish to have their peace disrupted again.
“Please leave us alone. You will also be setting a bad example for youngsters,” he said.
Police have confirmed that a permit will not be issued and that the rally will be deemed illegal if the organisers carry on without permission.
Ayub said that police had taken all aspects into consideration before rejecting the request to hold a rally.
“The venue is not suitable. We will take action under Section 27(5) of the Police Act 1967 against those who attend the illegal gathering.”
On Sept 8, the illegal gathering turned into a riot which led to several people being injured, including four policemen.
“The organisers failed to control the crowd. We will consider issuing a permit if the gathering is held at a place where public safety is not compromised.”
State Islam Hadhari and Welfare Committee chairman Datuk Rosol Wahid urged the public to stay away from the proposed rally.
He said Terengganu could do without acts of extremism.
“It is haram. You will also be creating a negative image of the state.
“Perhaps that is these people’s aim. They want the people to live in constant fear and remain poor, uneducated and jobless.”