BBERSIH’s response to the statement issued by the Palace

Press Release
17 November 2007

BERSIH wishes to put in on record that we have never said at any time that the memorandum handed over to Yang DiPertuan Agong on 10 November was handed over with his Majesty’s tacit or express approval. The Rakyat of Malaysia are free to petition our King at any time on matters of major public interest, including free and fair elections, a position we are sure His Majesty would surely agree with.

BERSIH again thanks the Palace for receiving on Tuesday, 6 November 2007, our written request for the appointment at 5 pm on 10 November 2007 to hand over the memorandum. We also appreciate the request from the Palace for the list of names of the delegation who was to hand over the memorandum to a representative of his Majesty and which we duly submitted on Friday, 9 November 2007.
Finally, BERSIH wishes to record again our thanks to His Majesty for receiving the memorandum through his appointed representative on 10 November 2007.
As citizens of Malaysia, it is our expectation that His Majesty will continue to play the role that he has been entrusted with under the Federal Constitution, and in so doing, to protect the rights and interest of all Malaysians and to ensure the integrity of our institutions.
On our part, BERSIH will continue its struggle for free and fair elections and for genuine democracy in Malaysia.