The Yellow Wave Continues…

Press Release
17 November 2007

Hot on the heels of the highly successful and historic 100, 000 People’s Gathering on 10 November, BERSIH continues on its mission for clean and fair elections with the launch of the Yellow Wave campaign.

As evident in the People’s Gathering on 10 November, we can truly make an impact if we all stand together and speak as one voice. On 10 November, we made a statement that was heard all over the world. And the world took notice, not least because we stood out in YELLOW, the colour chosen to symbolize our protest.
BERSIH believes that our flawed electoral process is a core cause for the exploding political, administrative and judicial rot in Malaysia, therefore we have an obligation to maintain the momentum for change and reform. We need to send a strong, consistent signal to the government, and what better way to remind them of our demands than to wear YELLOW, the colour of 10 November!
BERSIH urges all concerned Malaysians and their friends to wear something YELLOW every Saturday, starting from today. Wear a yellow ribbon on your shirt. Wear a yellow necktie or scarf. Use a yellow umbrella. Tie a yellow ribbon on your car’s antenna or side mirrors. Tie a ribbon on your bike. Wear a yellow armband. Better yet, wear your BERSIH T-shirt!
Our voices must be heard. Our message must get across. Our rights must be restored!
Let us paint the country yellow, starting today!