Pak Lah: I will determine when to dissolve Parliament

Monday November 19, 2007 (The Star)
KUALA TERENGGANU: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the power to dissolve Parliament is exclusively his.

The Prime Minister said it was not possible for Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman to know when the next general election would take place.
“How would he know? I have yet to dissolve Parliament to pave the way for the elections. It’s I who will decide when to have Parliament dissolved,” he said at a press conference after his visit to the Islamic Civilisation Park in Pulau Wan Man here yesterday.
He was commenting on the recent indication by Abdul Rashid that he knew when the general election would take place but was not at liberty to divulge the information.
Abdullah said it was not necessary to be too concerned about when the elections would be held.
“You have to wait,” he said.
Nevertheless, he said the Barisan Nasional election machinery was prepared for the polls, which could be called at anytime.
He said he was satisfied with the overall performance of Barisan MPs and state assemblymen.
However, he said there were some assemblymen who are non-performers but declined to elaborate whether they would be dropped from contesting in the polls.
“Some have performed well, some are weak. That’s the scenario,” he added.
On the claim by certain quarters that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had condoned the illegal rally held in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 10, Abdullah said: “It is a desperate move by certain quarters to create an issue thinking that the election is close.”