1.25pm: We have just heard that the NGO delegation of Yap Swee Seng, Wong Chin Huat, V. Gayathry and Mien Lor have been arrested.
At the press conference, Yap Swee Seng on behalf of BERSIH read out the contents of the memorandum.
Also present were Dato’ Mustafa Ali, YB Dr Wan Azizah, YB Salahuddin Ayob, Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad dan Wong Chin Huat.

11.40am: The BERSIH delegation has just made it to Parliament.
11am: Tian Chua, S. Arutchelvan and Sivarajan have been arrested outside Parliament. Also Dr Lo Lo, Razak, Ang and Dr Nasir. All in, about 15-20 have been taken to the IPK KL.

10am: Got an update from PAS HQ that police have surrounded the building in Jalan Raja Laut.
False alarm: Earlier we were informed that PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim had been arrested at KLIA. That info is untrue.
Heard from sources this morning that the traffic was bad on Jalan Damansara as Jalan Parlimen had been closed, quite obviously to thwart BERSIH’s efforts to hand over a memorandum to Parliament.