Gerakan leader says it's much ado about nothing

The Sun
13 December, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan vice-president Datuk Dr S. Vijayaratnam is baffled over the fuss on raising the age of retirement for members of the Elections Commission (EC) by one year, He said it was simply consistent with what had been implemented for judges.

“I can’t imagine what damage a year of service will cause,” he said in a statement yesterday.
He described as unfounded the opposition’s accusations that the current commission chairman was biased and thus unfit to hold the post.
He said international observers had stated that the country’s electoral process was indeed free and fair, a point also acknowledged by an independent survey among Malaysians.
“There is no reason to question the impartiality of the EC or its chairman. It has worked well all this while.”
He said explanations had been given to various issues, including accusations of fraud, voter list problems and constituency delineation.
He added that nothing could be done if a few people had different perceptions and refused to listen to reason.