Register as a voter ASAP!

Those of you who have not registered as a voter, please do so before 27 December. We cannot guarantee that you CAN vote if the General Election is held in March 2008, but there is a chance you may be able to. The EC says it needs 3-6 months to get people on the electoral roll, but we know for a fact that Wilayah EC tends to be ‘faster’ than Selangor EC.

So please inform all your friends and relatives, and for those who are registered voters, PLEASE CHECK YOUR STATUS at:
Many thousands of voters were transferred without their knowledge in the last G, and many have been transferred for this upcoming GE too. If you have been moved without your consent, do lodge a report with the Election Commission (see for contact details for the various state EC offices). Please also let us at BERSIH know if you have been ‘moved’.
We have heard reports that many of the computerised post offices are often ‘offline’ and are unable to register people, and that in the last few days, many have ‘run out’ of voter registration forms. If you have evidence or first-hand experience of these incidents, please contact us at [email protected] with details.
Today (Saturday, 22 Dec), Bangsar Baru post office (48, Jalan Telawi; tel: 03 22840219) is open till 10pm for those who want to register as a voter.
Also, Subang Jaya post office (Lot 20913, Jalan Subang Utama; tel: 03 50399001) is open till 8pm today.