DAP sees red over BN 'premature' campaign

Malaysiakini – Jan 2, 08
The Barisan Nasional campaign for the next general election appears to be in full throttle in at least three Selangor state constituencies, much to the ire of the opposition party DAP.

DAP supporters have noted that flags, banners and posters have cropped up in recent weeks at BN operation centres within the Bukit Lanjan, Tanjong Sepat (left) and Seri Kembangan constituencies.
The early start, according to Selangor DAP secretary Lau Weng San, was a form of ‘quiet campaigning’ and an offence under Section 3 of the Election Offences Act 1954.
Lau explained that the law stipulated that any campaign material containing a reproduction of a ballot paper cannot be produced during non-campaigning periods.
“Photographs taken by DAP members and supporters over the past week showed gigantic BN banners outside BN campaign centres, especially in Tanjung Sepat and Seri Kembangan,” said Lau.

Hefty penalties

The photos produced by Lau showed that the Tanjung Sepat and Seri Kembangan (right) operation centres prominently displayed the BN logo on a mock ballot slip.
Quoting the Election Offences Act, Lau said offenders can be jailed a maximum of two years, fined a maximum of RM5,000 or both.
Under the act, it is possible that the offender be barred from holding or contesting for a seat during an election for five year.
Lau said Selangor DAP would be taking the matter up to the Election Commission soon.
“Stern action should be taken against the BN for putting up unlawful election campaign material before campaign period,” he added.