'Centenarians' removed from electoral roll

The Sun
Pauline Puah and Regina William

PETALING JAYA (Jan 16, 2008): Three registered voters believed to be over 100 years old had been removed from the latest Supplementary Electoral Roll.

According to the record of the Quarter Four, 2007 Supplementary Electoral Roll which is being displayed for verification until tomorrow, the names of the three “centenarians” had been removed due to “death”.
Should the Election Commission (EC) receive no protest over the erased names, then the three names would be removed permanently once the roll is gazetted.
The identity of these three voters was under the spotlight recently when an e-mail claiming that three of them were “underage” voters as the first two numbers of their identity card started with 91, 98 and 99 respectively was widely circulated.
Two of the alleged “underage voters” were from the Sabak Bernam parliamentary constituency while another was from Sepang.
An EC official told theSun the three were actually born in 1890s which the system of the National Registration Department was unable to identify. The first two digits of an identify card only indicate the year of birth in the 20th century (from 1900).
Last week, EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Abdul Rashid was quoted as saying that the electoral roll is now free of dubious voters.
He had said his office had deleted from the rolls thousands of names of non-citizens and people who had died.
He also said the commission’s efforts in cleaning up the rolls were hampered by the attitude of those that failed to report the deaths of voters.
In PENANG, Tanjung MP Chow Kon Yeow said the fourth quarter listing of the roll from October to December still included hundreds of new postal voters registered in the address of the military camp, Markas 2 Division on Sultan Ahmad Shah.
“The camp relocated to Bukit Gedong in Bayan Baru in mid-2007 and when we checked the electoral roll, the postal voters were still registered there (Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah).
“I raised the matter with Minister in the Prime Minister’s department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz who asked the EC to look into it. There were more than 500 postal voters from that camp.
“We respect the democractic rights of those in the armed forces to vote but it must be exercised properly. Since the camp has relocated, their names should not be there anymore.
“However, the latest supplementary roll which is on display now shows at least 334 new postal voters registered at the Markas 2 division address in the Tanjung constituency,” said Chow.
“Now, there’s another discrepancy in the supplementary list. Except for 22 names, the other 312 new postal voters are also registered in the outgoing list of 350 voters who have moved to other constituencies.
“So, which is which now? Are they new postal voters, or are they going out?,” he asked.
Chow said he would submit a protest against the latest supplementary roll before the objection period ends on Friday (Jan 18).
Updated: 06:05PM Wed, 16 Jan 2008