Duo in “Rice for Votes” scandal should own up

Press Statement: 26 January 2008
The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) calls on Kebun Bunga assemblyman Quah Kooi Heong and Bukit Bendera MP Dato’ Seri Chia Kwang Chye to own up on their alleged bribery offence and not to beat around the bush.

In his futile efforts to deny the allegation leveled against him by BERSIH in a statement on Thursday (24 January), The Star today (Pg 22, 26 January 2008) reported that Quah has denied that the ‘Gimme 5’ slogan was a BN election slogan.
In actual fact, the slogan was BN Bukit Bendera’s message to the voters, denoting a clean sweep of four state seats (Kebun Bunga, Tanjung Bunga, Air Puteh and Pulau Tikus) and a parliamentary seat (Bukit Bendera).
It is important to note that Quah did not deny his role in the distribution of the rice packets which bore the ‘Gimme 5’ slogan. Therefore, he should just own up to the offence and apologise to all Malaysians.
Thus far, Deputy Information Minister and MP for Bukit Bendera Chia Kwang Chye has kept mum over the scandal. According to Quah in a news report in Kwong Wah Jit Poh, Chia had joined Quah in the distribution of rice packets in the Rifle Range area. Chia should also own up to this blatant pre-election bribery offence.
BERSIH demands that the Election Commission take proactive steps to investigate the matter immediately.
* For enquiries, please contact the BERSIH secretariat at 03-79806571, 012-2192010 or 019-2232002.