No witch-hunt if BN wins Kelantan

This is the pledge of the state Barisan Nasional to voters if they are given the mandate to form the government in the upcoming general election.
State BN chairman Datuk Seri Annuar Musa said there would not be any witch-hunt, such as stripping community leaders and penghulu of their posts for their political affiliation.
He said the BN government would concentrate on reconciliation and bringing development to the state which has been ruled by Pas for the last 18 years.
“This is our promise. If BN comes to power, Pas members and supporters have nothing to worry as everyone will be given assistance.
“Community leaders will not be touched because we do not want to create problems for them. We will also ensure that aid is given to anyone who is entitled and not based on political considerations.”
Speaking after presenting letters of appointment to 22 headmen of new villages, including seven Chinese, Annuar said BN was not in the habit of making empty promises.
“Give us a chance and we’ll prove it. Uniting the people will be our biggest challenge as they are used to be divided politically that it has turned into a culture.”
He said BN would not only field non-Muslim candidates in the election but also highlight the need for greater participation from non-Muslims at all levels of governance.
In Kangar, Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said new voters in eight constituencies in Kelantan may not be able to vote in the general election as their electoral rolls have not been gazetted.
The rolls, he said, had been left “hanging” following protests from Pas over a number of voters.
The party feels the protests are just Pas’ ploy to diminish Umno’s chances of winning more seats as many of the new voters are Umno members.
The rolls can only be gazetted after all the protests are heard and disposed of by the Election Commission.
The eight constituencies are Bachok, Pasir Mas, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Baru, Tanah Merah, Pasir Puteh, Machang and Kuala Krai.
Speaking after a briefing of the Kangar Umno election machinery, Radzi said if the new rolls could not be gazetted in time, the June 2007 rolls would have to be used.
“If the general election is called now, the old rolls will have to be used. It will be a loss as a number of new voters will not be able to take part.”
On whether the inclusion of the new voters would help Umno secure more seats, he said: “We are confident (of winning) because I’ve been to Kelantan numerous times, and I know that Kelantan Umno is strong.
“If they move as one team, they are strong. I hope those in Kelantan would work as a team.”