EC telling half-truths: Keadilan

Daily Express Sabah
04 February, 2008

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah has accused the Chairman of the Election Commission (EC), Tan Sri Haji Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, of not telling the truth when he said the electoral rolls in the country are clean.
Its Deputy Chairperson, Christina Liew, claimed the electoral rolls smack of something “fishy as quite a number of registered voters here found that their names have been transferred elsewhere without their knowledge or consent upon checking out at the party’s booth.”
The check service was provided for public convenience as part of the party’s Chinese New Year celebrations, organised by the party’s KK Division, at the Sunday Gaya Street Fair.
“In one particular case, the name of a voter in Sembulan, who had cast his ballot here many times, had suddenly been moved to Bukit Bintang parliamentary constituency. The ‘victim’ was very sad and asked us for help. “We believe this is only a tip of the iceberg. We were just checking randomly today (Sunday) and uncovered a number of cases. To me, the EC Chairman is not telling the truth. He is telling half-truths,” Liew, who is KK Division Chief, told reporters.
She said it was regrettable that genuine Malaysian citizens are being deprived of their constitutional right to exercise their suffrage in the coming elections.
“Don’t tell me that Sabah voters concerned have to take a flight to KL to cast their votes for someone whom they don’t even know. I think the EC is not being fair to Malaysians in Sabah.
“And for all you know, phantom voters in the peninsula may take the place of these Sabah voters when the time comes.” The party, Liew said, has taken note of the particulars of affected voters.
PKR KK Division Deputy Head, Jeffrey Yap, who was present, also discovered that several voters who live in Likas had their names transferred to Kalabakan on the east coast. Likewise, upon checking, a few voters in Tanjung Aru and Luyang found that their names had been moved elsewhere like Bukit Bintang and Malacca.
“This is very strange. I have always voted in Tanjung Aru. How come my name is now under the Bukit Bintang list of voters?” asked an angry voter.
Liew urged Abdul Rashid to prove his claim by re-looking at the electoral rolls and scrutinising for irregularities before the elections.
In the light of such malpractice, she also urged other voters to quickly check whether their names still exist under their normal place of voting.
“Don’t wait till polling day. We don’t believe that the electoral rolls are absolutely clean.”
Meanwhile, members of the public were entertained by the SJK (C) Yick Nam Lion Dance Troupe, karaoke singers and festive songs sung by KK Division leaders led by Liew.
The calligraphic writing session was also a crowd-puller with 300 pieces produced at the end of the day. All donations would be channelled to the Society of Hope Kota Kinabalu.
Also present were PKR Sabah Legal Bureau Chairman Datuk Chau Chin Tang, PKR Sabah Deputy Chairman Daniel John Jambun and KK Division Wanita Chief, Wong Kin Yin.