Day: February 6, 2008

'700 phantom voters in MCA Sungai Siput'

NST: 6 Feb 2008 SUNGAI SIPUT: The Sungai Siput MCA division chief says there are more than 700 phantom members in his division. See Kuan Poh has called for a freeze on elections in the division and several of its branches until the problem is

Cyber-strike against mainstream media

Malaysiakini Anil Netto | Feb 5, 08 IPS –  Fed-up with what they see as biased and distorted reporting, a group of concerned Malaysians has launched a campaign urging the public to boycott newspapers ahead of a general election widely expected in March.

Cabinet nod for RM20m to repair Tamil schools

 NST, 2008/02/06 SHAH ALAM: The government has allocated RM20 million to build and repair national type Tamil schools. Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said of the total, RM10.9 million would be used to replace 10 school buildings in Selangor.

5,000 hope to prove they are Malaysians

By : Neville Spykerman (NST) KLANG: A lorry driver queued up with his 28-year-old cousin for seven hours yesterday to help the latter get a birth certificate.

Convention rules during dissolution

(The Star) Wednesday February 6, 2008 REFLECTING ON THE LAW By SHAD SALEEM FARUQI What is the legal basis for a government that dissolves Parliament to remain in power during the run-up to the election? A convention has developed that the previous prime minister remains