'700 phantom voters in MCA Sungai Siput'

NST: 6 Feb 2008
SUNGAI SIPUT: The Sungai Siput MCA division chief says there are more than 700 phantom members in his division. See Kuan Poh has called for a freeze on elections in the division and several of its branches until the problem is cleared up.
He said, in the past month, it was discovered that housewives, professionals and students were lured into supplying copies of their MyKad and had their pictures taken.
These were used to apply for party membership in 2006 and last year.
“Many of them were not even aware they were supposedly MCA members,” he said, adding that 29 individuals had already made sworn statements that they had not applied to be members. They are planning to lodge police reports.
He said the division found that 53 people shared the same address in Kampung Kapor in Enggor, while in Kawasan Industri 200 people were registered as members even though only 16 Chinese families lived there.
A prominent member of DAP was also registered as an MCA member, he added.
“I believe it’s happening across the nation,” he said, citing recent media reports about phantom members in MCA divisions in Simpang Renggam and Bayan Baru.
See also questioned how 10 new branches were established through the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, without the division’s endorsement. Seventy per cent of the members were found to have addresses outside Sungai Siput.
The 10 branches are Kawasan Industri, Happy Garden, Kampung Muhibbah Fasa 1, Taman Sri Muhibbah, Kg Muhibbah, Sungai Buloh Tambahan, Taman Bunga Tanjung, Taman Jalong Utara, Taman Muhibbah Jaya and Taman Kemiri.
“I’m surprised these branches were approved without my endorsement as the division chief.
“Previously I asked for endorsement to set up branches in Taman Delima Salak Baru, Taman Jelutong Baru and Taman Lintang Makmur, but headquarters has yet to give its approval.”
Pending an investigation, he said, there should be a freeze on elections in the 10 branches, scheduled later this month, and in the division next month.