Another phantom on the electoral roll

BERSIH received an email on 31 January 2007 from yet another Malaysian who has been registered without her knowledge…
This is her story:
This past Monday I went to register as a voter in my home state of Penang and was told I was aready registered. I was then told to check with the voter registration office in Komtar if there were any problems. When I went to investigate further, I was again told I am a registered voter and my registration information was printed out for me with my voting station. All the information seemed correct and when I asked when I registered to vote, I was told and even shown the computer screen that I registered on January 17, 1971. That would mean I registered to vote when I was 15 months old! The officer was very polite and helpful but didn’t seem surprised when I told her I was not even 2 years old then. This makes me wonder how “I” have been voting all these years.
* If you are a victim of fraudulent registration, please contact us as soon as possible. Email us at [email protected] or call us at (03) 79806571, (019) 2232002 or (012) 2192010.