Day: February 14, 2008

A caretaker government has limited power, says don

The Star – February 14, 2008 KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian system follows a longstanding constitutional convention where the government of the day will assume the role as caretaker government during the interim period when Parliament is dissolved.

Postal votes for UN peacekeepers

The Star: February 14, 2008PETALING JAYA: A total of 210 members of the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping force from the Malaysian police are scheduled to cast their postal votes in the general election.

Report those using govt resources in campaign: DAP

Malaysiakini Yeow Boon Kiat | Feb 14, 08 DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang has urged voters to lodge a police report if they find any candidate utilising government resources in their election campaign.

Keeper of the polls

The Star: February 14, 2008 THE Election Commission (EC) was formed on Sept 4, 1957, under Article 114 of the Federal Constitution, which empowers it to conduct elections for the Dewan Rakyat and state legislative bodies.

Elections 101

The Star: February 14, 2008 Malaysia conducts a general election once every four or five years, and the people will again be voting in a new government in a few weeks. Let’s take a look at what the ballot box is all about.

13-day campaign period adequate, says EC chairman

By BERNAMA14 February, 2008 The 13-day campaign period for the general election is adequate for all the political parties contesting in the polls, Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said today.

Civil Society Leaders Enter Election Fray

Analysis by Baradan Kuppusamy Source: KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 (IPS) – Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had parliament dissolved Wednesday, paving the way for snap elections that political analysts say will see the opposition gain ground thanks to voter discontent over rising prices, crime

Nomination 24 Feb, Election Day 8 March

This just in from Bernama… Election Commission today fixed Feb 24 as the nomination day with polling day on Mac 8, EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman announced in Putrajaya today.

Learn the lingo

The Star Thursday February 14, 2008 With elections just round the corner, you are bound to hear lots of interesting comments. If you find the jargon a little hard to understand, the glossary provided below should come in useful.

Polling date to be known today

Malaysiakini Feb 14, 08 10:06am The Election Commission will be announcing the nomination date and the polling date for the nation’s 12th general election today.