Polling date to be known today

Feb 14, 08 10:06am

The Election Commission will be announcing the nomination date and the polling date for the nation’s 12th general election today.
The commission has called for a press conference at 11am today to make the announcement.
Political pundits are speculating that the nomination could be held on Feb 21 or 22 with the polling day taking place on either March 1 or 2.
EC Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman denied to confirm these dates yesterday, instead asking the media to just wait for the official announcement today.
Also taking place today is the Barisan Nasional council meeting, which started at 9am, at the Putra World Trade Centre.
BN chairperson Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is expected to finalise the candidacy list of all coalition parties. The parties are then expected to release their list of candidates in the next two or three days.
A press conference is also called by the BN immediately after their meeting this morning.
Just after the BN meeting, the Umno supreme council meeting is also slated to take place.
Party president Abdullah is expected to discuss election preparations with his fellow leaders.