Day: February 15, 2008

Does the EC really want us to vote?

Malaysiakini – LETTERS Umran Kadir | Feb 15, 08 As a Malaysian who is currently based overseas, I had recently made several informal enquiries about casting a postal vote through the High Commission here in London. I was quite surprised when I was told that

Bersih duo nabbed outside palace gates

The Sun Maria J. Dass KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 15, 2008): A peaceful gathering of fewer than 20 people representing election watchdog Bersih to hand over an appeal to the King to uphold democracy via clean and fair elections ended with the arrest of two of

Two arrested in BERSIH's submission of memorandum to the King

Urgent Appeal: 15 February 2008 Two individuals were arrested this afternoon in front of Istana Negara (National Palace) after the submission of a memorandum by BERSIH in relation to free and fair elections. The two arrested are People’s Justice Party (PKR) Information Chief Tian Chua

Bersih PC disrupted, Tian Chua arrested

Mkini Azreen Madzlan | Feb 15, 08 4:00pm The police today stopped polls reform group Bersih from holding a press conference in front of Istana Negara and in the process arrested PKR’s Information Chief Tian Chua.


BERSIH leaders today attempted to hand over a protest note to the Istana but instead the FRU was lying in wait, and several have been arrested, including PKR’s Tian Chua. There will be a press conference today. Details as follows: Venue: PAS HQ, Jalan Raja

Comment: Enough time to convince voters

NST By Syed Nadzri15 February, 2008 JUST a day after parliament was dissolved, opposition parties are already left with one issue less to harp on in this general election. The short campaign period, previously a sore point that provided the extra ammunition to be fired

BERSIH press conference

URGENT! Media Advisory: 15 February 2008 BERSIH PRESS CONFERENCE BERSIH leaders tried to hold a press conference in front of Istana Negara, after submitting a protest note to the Yang di Pertuan Agong but were prevented from doing so. Two persons were arrested: PKR’s Information

Caretaker gov't: logic and the law

Malaysiakini Abdul Aziz Bari | Feb 14, 08The legal basis of a caretaker government has to be argued in light of the nature of a government in a parliamentary system like ours. Of course, given its role and function, there is room to argue that