Polling stations info by Sunday

The Star: February 16, 2008PUTRAJAYA: Information on the polling stations in which to cast your vote is not found in the electoral roll yet as it is being updated.
Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said the updating would be completed by tomorrow and advised voters to check online or call the EC on the finalised data by Monday.
“We could not include the information earlier because there are changes, as to which polling stations or streams are being designated for the constituencies,” he said here yesterday.
After the election and nomination dates were announced on Thursday, the EC started a call centre to help answer questions pertaining to the elections and on voter particulars in the electoral roll.
The call centre, open from 8am to midnight daily, can be reached at 03-8885 6600/6532.
Abdul Rashid also advised voters to make inquiries at their respective state EC offices on their particulars and complaints.