Watchdog calls on parties to field only clean candidates

The Star: February 16, 2008KUALA LUMPUR: Parties fielding candidates for the general election should ensure that they are not corrupt, said Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) yesterday.
President Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam also called for the removal of candidates with bad records or service, or who have been perceived as being corrupt.
In a statement stating TI-M’s wishlist for the 2008 elections, Navaratnam said there should be more liberal treatment for requests for election rallies and more press coverage for opposition candidates.
He said there should be monitoring of money politics and a clampdown on campaign funding that was above the approved legal limits.
“There should be better facilitation for voting. Voters should be assisted and not given the run around by pushing them from one polling booth to another.
“The Election Commission should ensure full transparency, integrity and accountability in the election process,” he added.