Day: February 17, 2008

So you want to be a candidate

NST: 17 Feb 2008 Aniza Damis and Tan Choe ChoeEVEN before we are born, while our mother is gasping in pain, a form has to be filled in to admit her to the maternity ward.

High on the polls

The Star: February 17, 2008 Eurofile By CHOI TUCK WO The general election is currently the hottest topic around for many Malaysians residing in the UK.

EC: Postal vote only for certain groups

The Star: February 17, 2008 PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians living overseas cannot vote through the post unless they are military personnel, students, staff of embassies and high commissions and their spouses.

Opposition aiming for seismic shift at the polls

AFP | Feb 17, 08 As Malaysia heads for elections dominated by seething ethnic tensions, an invigorated opposition is hopeful of making unprecedented gains against the coalition that has ruled for half a century.