Stay out of politics, students warned

The Star: Monday February 18, 2008
KOTA BARU: The Higher Education Ministry has formed a monitoring unit to keep tabs on academicians and undergraduates who may breach university regulations by actively participating in the general election.
Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said that, as in the past, those who breached regulations would be subject to disciplinary action, which could include suspension or expulsion, depending on the offence.
He said only a small minority of the some one million undergraduates and academicians were said to be likely to break regulations.
“The core business of students is to study. They can be involved in numerous associations and participate in the annual mini-parliament programme, which is a debate session with the Deputy Prime Minister,” Mustapa said after opening the Kok Lanas Politeknik college branch here.
“It is clear: abide by the regulations,” he said.
“The deputy chancellors of student affairs of the various institutions of higher learning would monitor the conduct of all during the elections.”
But Mustapa encouraged students and academicians to vote, saying it was their democratic right, but they must refrain from actively campaigning for anybody, whether the Barisan Nasional or the Opposition.