Husam proposes US-style open debates

Wednesday February 20, 2008
KOTA BARU: PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa has proposed that open debates modelled after the US presidential election be held between the party and Barisan Nasional during the campaigning period.
The debates can be telecast live on television and held on neutral ground, where issues raised by either side can be debated in a mature fashion, Husam said.
He volunteered to participate in a debate on the rising cost of living brought on by the rise of fuel prices and claims that the country was regressing instead of progressing like other nations in the region.
“We are trying to attain a developed nation status, yet we cannot hold open debates,” Husam said.
“Many Malaysians are an educated lot. Surely, we are the thinking kind and not just driven by sentiments.
“The suitable period would be in the run-up to a general election,” he said.