Agents now allowed to verify postal votes

The Star: Thursday February 21, 2008
KOTA BARU: Agents for candidates will be allowed to enter polling stations to verify the casting of postal ballots, Kelantan Election Commission (EC) director Ab Rahim Md Salleh said.
Ab Rahim said this was previously disallowed but the EC had decided to allow it to alleviate fears expressed by candidates over possible manipulation of postal votes.
“This is a new decision we have reached. We have yet to officially notify the political parties and will do so within the next few days,” Ab Rahim told a press conference here yesterday.
One agent for each candidate would be allowed into Armed Forces barracks and police contingents to verify casting of postal ballots while those contesting both parliamentary and state seats would be allowed two agents.
Ab Rahim said postal voting could be done seven days after nomination day and all candidates would be promptly informed.
Asked about indelible ink being used for the first time, Ab Rahim said he was awaiting instructions from the headquarters after he was informed that the process had yet to be gazetted.