What goes on inside a nomination centre

NST: 26 February, 2008
WHO gets in:
Only candidates and their proposer, seconder and a supporter are allowed in.
9am to 10am
Nomination papers are processed. The papers comprise a nomination form, a statutory declaration form, an elections secrecy form and a deposit form. Three sets of nomination forms are submitted.
The deposit to contest a parliamentary seat is RM10,000 and a state seat RM5,000. Candidates lose their deposits if they fail to get one-eighth of the votes cast.
A deposit of RM5,000 for parliamentary candidates, and RM3,000 for state candidates must also be given for the removal of campaign posters and other paraphernalia.
10am to 11am
11am to noon
The returning officer will announce the disqualification of any applicant for candidacy, if any. He then confirms the names of the contesting parties or individuals, or declares a winner if a candidate is returned unopposed.