Kedah PAS mulls court action against EC

ALOR STAR, Feb 26 (ES) – The Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) Kedah Commissioner Azizan Abdul Razak has today announced the possibility of taking legal action against the Election Commission (EC) and its duty stamp requirement on election candidates’ statutory declarations.
The announcement was made at a late afternoon press conference at the PAS building near the city centre today.
Azizan said they were considering taking EC to court because of the conflicting statements and instructions released by different EC office bearers.
“This is either a conspiracy or a case of falsification of an official document”, said Azizan pointing to the faxed document dated Feb 22, which contained the EC letterhead.
The document which was received by Kedah PAS state liaison office early Feb 23, nullified the earlier instruction dated Feb 21 which required all statutory declaration forms to be duty stamped.
The EC chairman in a local daily however, denied giving out such an instruction.
Azizan said the state PAS will be discussing other necessary action with PAS central committee, and they were also contemplating lodging police reports soon.
Should the stamp duty requirement on statutory declaration had stood on nomination day, it was expected that the Barisan Nasional would have lost several more seats as several of their candidates failed to obtain it.