Of course EC would say 'take it to court'

Malaysiakini’s VOX POPULI:
Of course EC would say ‘take it to court’
Feb 26, 08
To brazenly say they (PAS) can take the EC to court only shows how corrupt the entire system is. The EC chief is confident how the courts will judge.
On EC contradicts itself again
Francis T Rozario: DAP has come out with the right manifesto ‘Just change it’. The revelations of recent times have indicated how corrupt this government is, from the judiciary, to the police force to the Anti Corruption Agency to the BN government, and now the cracks in the Election Commission whose head refuses to speak to anyone but the official media which we all know is the mouthpiece of the government.
A statutory declaration that is not stamped is no statutory declaration, even the office boys and peons will tell you this. They get these documents stamped, you do not need to ask the head of the commission, and to brazenly say they (the PAS) can take it to court only shows how corrupt the entire system is. He knows what he is talking about when he says, ‘Take it to the courts’ as he is confident how the courts will judge.
This is the level of democracy that is going to be dished out by this BN government for nothing they do will be wrong because they have ensured that the machinery put in place to establish the checks and balance is heavily on their side and there is no way the ordinary citizen can be assured of taking them to task.
In fact I am beginning to doubt if this elections will be any fairer. It is a last attempt on our part and as the DAP says ‘Just change it’. We need to muster all the support we can get to oust the Samy Vellus, the Ongs, and the Kohs who try and pull wool over the eyes of the rakyat and rob us of our very heritage. Vote wisely Vote against the BN.
Very Sad Taxpayer: I am taxpayer in this country. I am deeply troubled to see our Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister misuse the government offices and other facilities to do party (BN) jobs. The whole world knew that the PM and DPM were at their ‘official’ offices at Putrajaya for the few days before the Nomination Day just to finalise their candidates list. I am wondering how that becomes their ‘caretaker’ jobs? Shouldn’t have they used BN offices to finalise their lists? I believe they should also have taken leave to do so, right?
In the1980’s, the ex-Indian PM, Indira Ghandi, won a parliament seat in an election. But that decision was revised after the opposition complained that she used a government jeep to run her campaign. But here in Malaysia., it is very sad because no one will complain because our EC will never take action. They are BN’s ardent supporters I guess.