Day: February 28, 2008

BN uses taxi drivers to spread propaganda

Malaysian Media Monitors’ Diary 28 February 2008 The Umno president’s meeting with the association of taxi drivers has now put us on notice that, the next time we get into a cab, we’ll be getting a dose of Barisan Nasional propaganda from the drivers. Speaking

EC despatches postal votes to 26 Sarawak constituencies

NST: 28 Feb 2008 The countdown to polling had begun. Today, the Sarawak Election Commission despatched ballot papers for the 16,142 postal voters, mostly policemen, servicemen in the armed forces and their spouses, in the remaining 26 constituencies. There are 16,354 postal voters in Sarawak

Early stats show up to 77% pro-BN coverage in newspapers

Malaysian Media Monitors’ Diary 28 Feb 2008 Mainstream newspapers gave up to 77 per cent coverage for the Barisan Nasional in terms of stories on the 12th general elections in the week leading to the nominations on 24 February. On average, the six newspapers

BERSIH appears in Aljazeera

The show will be under the 101 East programme, Aljazeera channel 513 Astro and will be aired first on Thursday and repeated as follows: