Day: February 29, 2008

theSun joins the BN Propaganda Machine

Malaysian Media Monitors’ Diary 29 Feb 2008 What a transformation in theSun ever since Vincent Tan took over the paper in January – and it has been for the worse, in terms of the way the paper has allowed itself to be blatantly used as

Panel: No fear of phantom voters

NST: 29 Feb, 2008 KUALA LUMPUR: An email is misleading the public into believing that certain parties are using phantom voters to help them win the election, Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said yesterday. The email, which is widely distributed, contains

8,666 voters aged over 100 still listed on electoral roll

NST: 29 Feb 2008 PUTRAJAYA: There are 8,666 voters who are more than 100 years old in the country. Sabah has the highest number, 2,096, followed by Sarawak (1,458), Johor (976), Perak (959), Selangor (549), Penang (442), Pahang (397), Federal Territory (367), Kedah (356), Negri

Sabah, Sarawak papers carry BN threats to voters

Malaysian Media Monitors’ Diary: 29 Feb 2008 The Borneo Post and The Daily Express have carried reports effectively warning voters that they risk losing development grants in their areas if they vote for the opposition.

Unthinkable, says Musa

Daily Express: 28 Feb 2008 Tuaran: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said he dread to think what will happen to Sabah if the State falls into the hands of the opposition.

Grants only in BN-held seats

The Borneo Post – 28 Feb 2008 ( Voters should know by now seats won by DAP in last state election without devt projects: Chan KUCHING: Constituencies under Democratic Action Party (DAP) after the 2006 state election are suffering today because they have been cut