8,666 voters aged over 100 still listed on electoral roll

NST: 29 Feb 2008
PUTRAJAYA: There are 8,666 voters who are more than 100 years old in the country. Sabah has the highest number, 2,096, followed by Sarawak (1,458), Johor (976), Perak (959), Selangor (549), Penang (442), Pahang (397), Federal Territory (367), Kedah (356), Negri Sembilan (328), Kelantan (249), Malacca (233), Terengganu (150), Perlis (60) and Labuan (46).
They are among the 10,922,139 voters nationwide.
Election Commission secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor, who provided the figures to the New Straits Times at his office yesterday, said the names of these voters were on the electoral roll for 2007, gazetted by the EC on Feb 5.
“As far as the EC is concerned, as of Dec 31 last year, these voters are still alive.
“That is why their names are on our electoral roll.
“If they died in January or February this year, their names will still be on the electoral roll.
“We can only take out their names once we gazette the electoral roll in the first quarter of this year, that is on March 31.”
Kamaruzaman added that names and identity card numbers of voters who died between Jan 1 and March 7 would be distributed to all election presiding officers.
The officers would mark the names of the deceased in their electoral roll to ensure ballot papers meant for the deceased were not issued.
Political parties and independent candidates contesting in the general election, therefore, should not worry over the existence of “phantom voters”, he said.
Orders had been issued to all presiding officers to get the assistance of the police to nab voters who used the MyKad of dead voters on polling day.
This is an offence under Section 7 of the Election Offences Act 1954. If convicted, these impersonators can be jailed up to two years and fined not more than RM5,000.
Between Jan 1, 2004 and Dec 31 last year, the EC had taken the names of 697,902 dead voters off its electoral roll.
In its effort to clean its electoral roll of dead voters, he said mobile teams had been sent to police stations to get their death or burial certificates.
Kamaruzaman said the EC’s mobile teams were deployed to 2,764 longhouses in Sarawak between January 2006 and October last year for the same purpose.