theSun joins the BN Propaganda Machine

Malaysian Media Monitors’ Diary
29 Feb 2008

What a transformation in theSun ever since Vincent Tan took over the paper in January – and it has been for the worse, in terms of the way the paper has allowed itself to be blatantly used as a propaganda tool of the ruling coalition.
If at the last general election, theSun proved to be the most independent of the three English language newspapers, this time around, it appears determined to outdo the NST and The Star in dishing out BN propaganda.
TheSun (28 February) provided a shameful example of such one-sided journalism by a newspaper whose sales soared in the past because of its (then) somewhat independent journalistic position.
Let’s look at the main reports on each page:
1 – PM: Opposition spreading lies etc
– Penang passes with “flying colours” (about the BN’s Progress Report)
2 – Opposition spreading lies, says Abdullah
– ‘Best time to end Pas rule in Kelantan’
– MIC advertises in newspapers to counter allegations
3 – Page 3 these days seems to be reserved for full-page BN ads, today the ad is about the public delivery system
4 – Chinese can’t afford to split support for BN: Ong
5- For all people, all issues: Khir
– ‘State (Kelantan) may lose part of RM112b ECER foreign investments’
6 – Koh keeping a tight schedule
– Guan Eng wants ACA to haul up four BN leaders
7 – Sarawak BN upbeat with five wins
– Pairin banks on support from local communities
8 – Full page BN (MCA) ad on full JPA scholarships for non-bumiputeras
20-26 – Six page advert (yes, six full pages!) show-casing the BN’s achievements in Penang.
Many of the reports are straight out from Bernama. It’s really sad what has become of theSun.