Mafrel can't act on 'hearsay' complaints

NST: 29 Feb, 2008
The Malaysians For Free and Fair elections (Mafrel) have received complaints against election offences in Kelantan but are unable to act because the complaints were “hearsay.” Mafrel east coast coordinator Dr Abdul Halim Yusof said none of the complainants wanted to come forward and make it official.
The complaints cover allegations of briberies in forms of gifts and cash, direct and indirect threats and pressure, and misuse of Government facilities as campaign venue.
Dr Abdul Halim said although complainants refused to go public, Mafrel will compile complaints and passed them to the Kuala Lumpur headquarters where a police report will be lodged.
Speaking at a Press conference today, he said the majority of 300 observers stationed in the state would be deployed, especially in the areas bordering Thailand.
“We are placing more observers in Pasir Mas, Rantau Panjang and Tumpat to check on people suspected of having dual citizenship,” he said.
The one place that they are not sending is Gua Musang due to logistics problems.