Day: March 2, 2008

Utusan provides fair access to opposition?

Malaysian Media Monitors’ Diary 2 March 2008 When a opposition politician appears on the front page of Utusan, chances are not all is well. To date, Abdul Hadi Awang from Pas has appeared thrice, and each time after he was plagued by bad publicity.

Dong Zong: Election goodies alone not enough

PETALING JAYA (March 2, 2008): Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) president Dr Yap Sin Tian has called for the government’s continued support for Chinese education, Sin Chew Daily reported today.

Sibu postal balloting deferred

The Star: March 2, 2008 SIBU: The postal balloting for the army and police personnel in the Sibu parliamentary seat has been postponed following the discovery of a double registration of postal voters in the electoral roll.

Bersih decries postal vote fraud

Fauwaz Abdul Aziz (Malaysiakini) Ballots have yet to be cast, but outrage has already been expressed following the discovery by polls reform group Bersih of serious flaws in the postal voting process. Among the flaws are the lack of secrecy and anonymity afforded to police

Husam claims discrepancy in army electoral roll

NST: 1 March, 2008 Pas started its seventh day of campaigning by raising doubts in the cleanliness of the electoral roll, especially discrepancy in the army’s electoral roll. Pas vice-president Datuk Husam Musa claimed that certain army personnel identification numbers, when entered into the Election

Cheating in Postal Votes

This is taken from DAP Sarawak chief Wong Ho Leng’s blog. ( 1/3/2008 Today, at the Resident’s Office, the Election Commission (EC) officers in Sibu issued postal votes to the police and army personnel, and in the course of supervising the issuance, we caught 13

BN invades Hotmail, Yahoo and Astro

Aliran: 1 March 2008 Just when you thought you would be safe from the BN propaganda onslaught, you log into your Hotmail or Yahoo account to catch up on your emails – and lo and behold, Big Brother is waiting for you there with more

The four million who are eligible to vote, but won't

NST: 01 March, 2008 They blame it on the lack of time,lack of quality candidates or just that their vote won’t count anyway. Some Malaysians prefer not to take part in the electoral process. P. SELVARANI and TAN CHOE CHOE speak to some self-confessed non-voters.