BN invades Hotmail, Yahoo and Astro

Aliran: 1 March 2008
Just when you thought you would be safe from the BN propaganda onslaught, you log into your Hotmail or Yahoo account to catch up on your emails – and lo and behold, Big Brother is waiting for you there with more BN adverts!
Woe betide you if your mouse accidentally hovers over the BN ad. For then you will be “treated” to two women telling you how much freedom and unity we already have in the country while other countries are still only aspiring to such ideals. What, we already have freedom? Wow, you could have fooled me!
But obviously not enough freedom to allow opposition parties fair access to the mainstream media, from which they are all but completely shut out, save for some token space. No wonder it appears as if we have “Only One Choice” – BN!
Fed up with the propaganda everywhere? Okay, so you grab your remote and try Astro. This is what one Astro subscriber experienced:
“Well, it looks like Astro is also in the same game — makes me think I should stop subscribing given that there’s so many repeats on the other channels anyway.
“There’s the RTM system, TV3, ntv7 and Channel 9 on the public airwaves.
“Then there’s Astro 501 Awani, and most recently Astro 502 Bernama TV.
“A stranger to these shores, watching only these channels would be most puzzled that there’s a contest going on with only one party contesting!”