Dong Zong: Election goodies alone not enough

PETALING JAYA (March 2, 2008): Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) president Dr Yap Sin Tian has called for the government’s continued support for Chinese education, Sin Chew Daily reported today.
He said whoever forms the next government should continue to help develop Chinese education and not merely handing out goodies during general elections.
Yap, who is New Era College Council chairman, also urged parties on both sides of the political divide to support the college’s application for university status.
Speaking in the college’s 10th anniversary celebration in Kajang yesterday, he said the experience gained from the past 10 years has given the council the confidence of upgrading the Chinese college’s status.
“We hope the government understands the aspiration of the Chinese community in having a Chinese university. Chinese is becoming an increasingly important language in the world and we need to keep abreast with the time, not be left behind,” he said.
He stressed that there is nothing to lose for the government in recognising the college as a university. In fact the government stands to gain, he added.