EC to blame for 100-year-old voters

Mar 1, 08

Opposition PKR today said the Election Commission (EC) should accept responsibility for the thousands of ‘dead’ voters and should not point the finger at others.
In a statement today, party deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali said it is the commission’s responsibility to work together with the National Registration Department to update the electoral list of dead voters with birthdates from a century or more ago.
Yesterday, EC sectretary Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor acknowledged the fact that 8,666 centenarian voters existed on the electoral roll. He said while most of them are believed to have died, some of the voters are still alive.
“As far as the commission is concerned, as of Dec 31 last year, these voters are still alive,” Kamaruzaman was quoted as saying in the News Straits Times.
Prior to this, EC said there was no such thing as ‘phantom voters’, but only planted voters.
Conspiring with BN?
Meanwhile, Syed Husin said EC should not give the reason that there was not enough time to clear the electoral roll.
The issue has been raised by PKR many times, even during the Ijok by-election last year, he added.
He said if EC is fair and responsible, the commission should have cleaned up the electoral rolls way before the general election.
“Centenarian voters and people who may not be able to vote this year will likely be replaced with phantom voters. EC is aware of this matter since we’ve been complaining about it since the Ijok by-election, but they’re not doing anything.
“They must be doing this to make sure BN (Barisan Nasional) and Umno win the elections,” he alleged.
Many voters have complained that they have been moved out from their voting constituencies all over Malaysia.
PKR also claimed that no less than 40,000 phantom voters will be brought to Kelantan from all over Malaysia, including southern Thailand, during the general election.
In the last general elections, Terengganu experienced an unprecedented high turnout of voters which led to BN wresting the state from PAS.
There is fear that Kelantan will experience a similar increase in voters.
Syed Husin urged EC to do their job to make sure these phantom voters are not allowed to cast their votes during the election.