Husam claims discrepancy in army electoral roll

NST: 1 March, 2008
Pas started its seventh day of campaigning by raising doubts in the cleanliness of the electoral roll, especially discrepancy in the army’s electoral roll. Pas vice-president Datuk Husam Musa claimed that certain army personnel identification numbers, when entered into the Election Commission website and minus the alphabet ‘T’, a different civilian name will turned up with a different voting location.
Army identification numbers start with a ‘T’ followed by seven numbers. “This means, the same identification number only without the letter ‘T’ has two voters,” he told reporters today. “Just imagine how many overlapping votes there will be. Thousands of identification numbers have been discovered with dual identities.”
Husam, who demanded an explanation from the EC, said he wanted clarification as he could not understand the matter under normal circumstances.
“It could be voter overlap or a technical matter, we do not understand how this happened,” he said.
Husam again stressed that the Prime Minister’s visit to the Universiti Malaysia Kelantan groundbreaking ceremony at Tangok on Friday was proof that development can be carried out without Barisan Nasional ruling Kelantan.
The Prime Minister on Friday said that it was wrong of Pas to say it would let the federal government develop Kelantan when it ruled the state.
On BN’s many promises to Kelantanese including forgiving quit rent, assessment and parking summonses arrears, he said if BN is sincere in helping the people, it should reduce fuel price.