Day: March 2, 2008

EC to blame for 100-year-old voters

Malaysiakini Mar 1, 08 Opposition PKR today said the Election Commission (EC) should accept responsibility for the thousands of ‘dead’ voters and should not point the finger at others.

Changing voting trends among the young

NST: 01 March, 2008 By Johan Jaaffar IN many countries today, fewer people are voting. In the United States, hardly 50 per cent of eligible voters cast their vote in the last presidential election. In the United Kingdom, they are lucky to get 60 per

New RM2.9 million building for one of Pahang's oldest schools

NST: 01 March, 2008 PEKAN: Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Pekan is one of the oldest schools in Pahang. Despite its history and achievements, pupils and teachers had mostly been worried about their school building. The 57-year-old building, mostly made of wood, has been under