Day: March 3, 2008

How about automatic registration of voters?

NST: 03 March, 2008 POLITICS and the election give me the brain freeze. I was born in 1983, the year MTV turned two and Michael Jackson and Madonna were chart-toppers. Those in the 25-year-old age group are the Generation Y, who, studies have shown, have

Fair coverage of opposition

03 March, 2008 (NST) KUALA LUMPUR: Contrary to accusations of a blackout, the opposition is actually getting a fair amount of media play. Opposition parties received between 30 per cent and 50 per cent play in newspapers in the week leading to nomination day on

Malaysians will be out in full force

The Star: 2 March 2008 PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s 10.2 million voters are expected to turn up in full force to elect their next government on March 8. A recent survey shows that 96% of the 2,930 respondents interviewed are going to cast their votes –

Reporters complained to EC of mistreatment at Sarawak polling centres

By Desmond Davidson (NST) 02 March, 2008 The media conference here today morning was for state election commission director Takun Sangguh to brief highlights of Sunday’s nomination in Sarawak but instead, reporters used it to air grievances over the treatment they received from confused policemen

Postal vote irregularities continue to bug process

Pauline Puah and Kong See Hoh (The Sun) PETALING JAYA (March 2, 2008): Allegations of irregularities in the electoral process continue to haunt the 12th general election this Saturday (March 8).

Anwar accuses government of postal vote fraud

KUALA LUMPUR, March 2, 2008 (AFP) – Malaysia’s former deputy prime minister and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim Sunday accused the government of perpetuating postal vote fraud as citizens prepare to cast their ballots on March 8.