Don’t scribble insults on ballots

State election director Othman Noh said in the past, votes were rejected on technicalities after voters wrote words like “penipu” (cheat) and “bodoh” (stupid) on ballot papers.
“Do not vent your frustrations this way as it will only mean one fewer vote for the party you support,” he told The Star.
Voters who draw pictures and cartoons on the ballot papers or mark more than one box will also have their votes rejected.
Othman said it was important voters know how to cast a vote correctly.
“When selecting a candidate, mark only X in the box next to the candidate of your choice.
“If possible, try not to make any other mark anywhere else,” he said.
Defaced ballot papers were a particular problem; in 2004, a total of 299,076 votes were rejected nationwide. Johor recorded the highest number with 46,794 votes rejected for both parliamentary and state seats, followed by Perak and Selangor with 42,831 and 42,110 respectively.
In the 2004 elections, 5,715 people in Johor also failed to return their ballot papers.
A total of 1,312,120 Johoreans are eligible to cast their votes at 878 polling centres statewide on Saturday.